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moblock-deb provides Debian packages of PeerGuardian Linux (pgl): PeerGuardian is a privacy oriented firewall application. It blocks connections to and from hosts specified in huge blocklists (thousands or millions of IP ranges). Its origins lie in targeting aggressive IPs while you use P2P.

Documentation and Download

See the wiki of the peerguardian project.

Feedback and Development

Please visit and use the peerguardian project page here at sourceforge to submit bugs and patches or request features or support.
You can have a look at the current pgl development code in the git repository. The fastest way to get something changed in the packages is to post a patch.
For general feedback or if you want some privacy you can drop me an email.

Latest news

Nov 17 2015
Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.3.1"!
Containing a lot of maintenance and a fix for messed up iptables. Let's hope it will soon be succeeded by a new version with the more important stuff.

Jan 24 2015
Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.3.0"!
One year, really? We're still alive and even have some plans for the future. The current release contains mainly old changes that accumulated the whole last year.
The default blocklist setup changed to a lighter one with Bluetack lists: TBG has been dropped because it isn't updated on iblocklist anymore. Search the web to learn how to continue to get them. Instead we are back to some Bluetack lists, although probably with a less paranoid selection. Everybody is strongly encouraged to do his own research on the quality of the several blocklist providers. Then you can select the correct blocklists based on your own personal needs. Comments welcome!
Removed the (non-default) feature to directly DROP and ACCEPT packets (as in MoBlock 0.8), instead of using the (default) MARKing feature.!

Jan 26 2014
Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.4"!
Fix for pglgui port whitelisting issues in OpenSuse.
peerguardian now is in Mageia Cauldron! Thanks, and I'd like to collaborate more with them!

Oct 31 2013
Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.3"!
After nearly an year of development we are proud and glad to offer a new release of pgl. This version has native systemd integration, better local blocklist support, an overhauled pglgui and a lot of bugfixes. Finally I dropped the transitional packages from moblock, blockcontrol and mobloquer to pgl.
Added packages for Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty (14.04)

May 2 2013
Added packages for Ubuntu Raring (13.04) and Saucy (13.10), dropped Hardy (8.04), Natty (11.04) and Oneiric (11.04)
For the latter Ubuntu stopped official support (effective as of 2013-05-09), so you are advised to update to a more current release.

Nov 20 2012
moblock-deb goes peerguardian
This project (moblock-deb) is simply an extension to the project peerguardian. It's about the same software (pgl, the Linux version of PeerGuardian, both predecessor and successor of moblock) and it has the same staff (which needs help by you, btw!). To reduce the burden of maintaining two projects I moved all documentation from here to the peerguardian project. Also from now on all user and developer interactions should happen at the peerguardian project. So everything except the Debian repository is now at the peerguardian project. Don't worry - the Debian repository will be updated here, even if you don't see any other changes here.

Nov 11 2012
Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.2"!
This is mainly a bug fix release.
As some of you may have noticed, the peerguardian and the moblock-deb project here at sourceforge have migrated to the new SourceForge 2.0 allura. Please update your links and URLs, e.g. of the git repository.

Jun 25 2012
Please welcome "PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.1"! This version adds the last feature only present in mobloquer, but not in pglgui: "whois information about blocked IPs".
Since I also fixed or workarounded all issues with older Debian and Ubuntu versions, including the "reload" bug, I added transitional packages for the old moblock/blockcontrol/mobloquer packages. This means the Debian/Ubuntu world now moves to pgl automatically. (Except the 2008 Ubuntu Long Term Release Hardy which I think is ok to be left behind forever ;P )

Jun 13 2012
PeerGuardian Linux 2.2.0 "The autotools release" released. Welcome our new Gentoo maintainer hasufell, who implemented this stuff!
Binaries built under Ubuntu Precise and Oneiric are still broken (pgld crashes on reload). I copied the Natty packages to these PPAs at launchpad. Therefore you can now use the normal repositories instead of the Natty one again.

May 29 2012
New binaries for Ubuntu Oneiric (previously broken) and Precise (12.04). EDIT: Still broken, use the jaunty ones instead.

We're still alive, but we lost our old homepage phoenixlabs.org. Don't worry, development and support are now both located at the PeerGuardian project website.

Sep 17 2011
PeerGuardian Linux 2.1.3
Several fixes, mainly for cross distro support.

Sep 04 2011
Added Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10) support

Aug 23 2011
PeerGuardian Linux 2.1.2
Fixes the cannot-whitelist-temporarily-while-using-kdesudo bug. And other stuff.

Aug 12 2011
PeerGuardian Linux 2.1.0 - The GUI release!
Today we proudly present to you: pgl 2.1.0, including the long-anticipated pgl-gui. Try it, test it, report back. If you don't tell us otherwise the days of moblock, blockcontrol and mobloquer will soon be over.

My old GPG key 58712F29 expires on 2011-08-16, my new one is C0145138.

Added Debian 7.0 wheezy and Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) support, removed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

Jan 23 2011
pgl 2.0.4 released
Added Ubuntu Natty (11.04) support

Oct 15 2010
Added Ubuntu Maverick (10.10) support
Dropped Ubuntu Jaunty support.
Everybody feel free to join this project if you think you can do anything useful.

Sep 10 2010
pgl 2.0.3 released

Aug 14 2010
pgl 2.0.2 released

Jun 20 2010
New blockcontrol and mobloquer release
Backported the recent changes from pgl: mobloquer now shows human readable names for iblocklist.com blocklists again.
Completely removed intrepid from the PPA and hardy from moblock-deb (hardy is still in the PPA).

Jun 16 2010
PeerGuardian Linux 2.0.1 released!
Including a far better integration with iblocklist.com
BTW, new developers and homepage designers may just contact me.

May 18 2010
PeerGuardian Linux 2.0.0 released!
PeerGuardian Linux is based on nfblock/moblock and blockcontrol. Users of these applications will find many improvements and bug fixes. Unfortunately we have no GUI ready, yet.
NFBlock was removed from the repository.

May 7 2010
Packages for Ubuntu Lucid available
All packages are available for Ubuntu Lucid now. But support for Ubuntu Intrepid has been dropped, as this release has reached it's official end of life.

Nov 12 2009
New project PeerGuardian Linux
There's a new project: PeerGuardian Linux (pgl), located at the project of the original PeerGuardian. The new project combines and succeeds all projects that had packages here. There's the daemon pgld (based on NFBlock, which was based on MoBlock), pglcmd (based on blockcontrol, previously moblock-control) and pgl-gui (by the author of mobloquer).
All authors of the old applications and new authors work on this new project. So the old projects are dead now. Contributors and testers are welcome! This is an open project. Check the source in the git repository: git://peerguardian.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/peerguardian/peerguardian
(At least for the beginning) I'll continue to offer Debian packages here.

Other important stuff

  • Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system
  • Jabber: Open source instant messaging
  • GnuPG: secure communication and data storage
  • Everything you want to know about iptables
  • Privoxy: Privacy enhancing HTTP Proxy
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